Medical Equipment

Medical Consulting has a long experience in the distribution of medical equipment to healthcare facilities.

Our company supplies oxygen therapy equipment with European certifications, cabinets, inserts, and provides solutions for ready to use operating rooms.

Our company has become a reference point for private and public facilities thanks to the experience we have gained from the daily work with our staff, together with our special attention to new technologies and to current safety regulations. All systems and products are certified for the Italian, European and extra-European markets.


Vaccum regulators

Suction containers

Vacuum control systems


Oxygen splitter

Valves High-pressure flexible hoses

Humidifiers and Flowmeters for oxygen therapy

Two stage pressure reducing valve


Terminal units ISO 9507

Emergency generator


Suction units

Anesthetic screen tools

Tank racks

Cabinets for line pressure regulators

Interception valves for medical gases

Pneumatic pressure switch

Compartmentalization valve

Wired panels


Do you want more information? Contact Us!


    Do you want more information? Contact Us!