Medical Consulting provides high quality medical gases distribution and anesthetic gas evacuation systems and maintenance. We also assemble ready to use operating rooms. Our company boasts experts and technicians in the field of medical installations who specialize in designing ad hoc solutions for every single client. Our company has become a reference point for private and public facilities thanks to the experience we have gained from the daily work with our staff, together with our special attention to new technologies and to current safety regulations. All system and products are certified for the Italian and European markets. We adopt a quality management system that follows standards and is authorized to certify, produce and design systems in full autonomy and to affix the CE marking on medical systems (93/42/CEE Directive).


The mission is to achieve the satisfaction of our customers by operating in compliance with current regulations with quality products and a highly qualified technical staff, offering innovative and reliable solutions.

The satisfaction of its customers is of fundamental importance for Medical Consulting and therefore it encourages and guides the management process with the aim of continuously improving the quality and efficiency of the services relating to the installation and maintenance of gas distribution systems medical.

Achieving the mission is therefore an essential prerogative of the company, but each result must be the result of collective work that guarantees maximum customer satisfaction and a very high quality service that can differentiate us on the market.

Our services:

Installation and maintenance of medical gas systems and anesthetic gas evacuation

Consulting and design

Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance

Medical Equipment Supply

Ready to use Operating Rooms

Quality analysis of medical gases by accredited laboratories

Electrical Systems

Medical gas system certifications

Industrial gases

Anesthetic gas evacuation

Reference standards UNI/ISO 7396 DLG 46/97

Qualification for D.M.37

Vacuum systems

Regulatory compliance

UTIC (Cardiological Intensive Care Unit)